Miss Sophie is 2!

Sophie is the cutest 2 year old! She had such a fun birthday! She LOVES Minnie and Daisy, so we had cupcakes with them on top. She was super excited. She loved being the center of attention while opening gifts with her cousins. On the day of her birthday, we wanted to take her someplace she would enjoy for dinner. We finally decided on Sizzler. She absolutely loves anything green, especially avocados and broccolli. They have a whole bowl full of avocados in their salad bar and I ordered broccolli as my side to give to her. As we walked past the salad bar, she said "Huh! 'Cados!" and pointed to the avocados. And she literally squealed with excitement when her broccolli came. She was so happy! She got some stuffed horses in a barn and lots of Minnie and Daisy toys for her birthday. She loves all stuffed animals and really anything that has to do with furry animals. She is so sweet and very fun!