May & June
We had the Phillippis stay with us for a few days at the end of May and beginning of June while the movers packed up their stuff before they moved to Seattle. We had lots of fun having them! We had another cousins' movie party with the movie Storks. We went to the dollar store and bought some "baby supplies". The kids ate alphabet crackers, drank Squeezits (bottles), had some baby food, and sucked on their Ring Pops like pacifiers. They also had lots of fun playing on our wet bouncy house for hours. We had a good time with them living close by for a couple years. We are excited for their new opportunities and adventures in Seattle. Can't wait to visit them there!

Henry had his recital for Let's Play Music. He started learning the piano this year. I have been reallyproud of him! He has picked it up quickly. He played Tinga Layo in the calypso beat for the recital while everyone sang.

I had the best Mother's Day! Carter and Sophie were a little sick, so I went to Sacrament with just William and Henry. We really had fun together at church, although it wasn't our most reverent meeting. After church, William made a bunch of coupons for me and gave me money to buy the ones I wanted. It was so cute! He was very creative.

Sophie and I have matching shirts. She was giving me kisses in church one Sunday and a friend got it on camera. Sophie is very in love with stuffed animals. When she sees one in the store, she screams until she gets it and then again when we have to take it away from her. And she loves to sleep with all of her blankets and animals. At 15 months Sophie weighs a little over 22 lbs. (62nd percentile), is 77.5 cm tall (4nd percentile), and has a head circumference of 46 cm (49th percentile).

Grandpa and Grandma Monk gave us season passes to Lagoon for Christmas. We have LOVED it!

William did an animal report for his 2nd Grade class. He chose the Japanese Spider Crab. He did an awesome job!! His poster looked amazing and he responded really well to all of the questions from his class. We were so proud of him! He spend a lot of time on his report and really enjoyed doing it. Sadly, William's second gerbil, Cutie, passed away on June 16th. He was very sad. She lived a good life and had reached her life expectancy.

Carter got his picture taken with Cosmo at a BYU baseball game. It was so cute! He was thrilled. He is still progressing with his speech. He has a hard time controlling the volume of his speech. It's easier for him articulate sounds at a higher volume. His behavior has also become a little more challenging. He throws more tantrums and tries to do more things his own way. His therapist says that language development is tied to behavior development. So, it's almost as if he is going through the terrible 2's at age 3 1/2 becasue that is where his speech is right now. So fascinating! And challenging, too.

William and Henry also enjoyed some fun summer camps in June. They did a BYU baskeball camp, a baking camp, and a kitchen science camp.