January- March

Here are a few of our happenings:
*Sophie is a doll! She is the most girly baby I have ever met. She LOVES her shoes, jewelry, and anything that sparkles. If her headband falls off, she will try and put it back on by herself. She brings her shoes to us and asks us to put them on her. In the morning while I am getting ready, she crawls to my jewelry and begs for me to hand her a necklace to put on. She almost always finds a necklace around the house to wear throughout the day.
* Carter got a Thomas the Train Power Wheel from Aunt Goo-goo (Amanda) for Christmas that he LOVES and rides non-stop. We are starting to see some good improvement from his intense speech therapy 4 times a week.
*William is currently in the 5th Harry Potter book. He started them in August after school started and LOVES the series! He has become an avid reader. He also loves Boy Scouts and had a lot of fun at the Pinewood Derby.
*Henry is still an AMAZING Lego creator! He is excelling at the piano and cooking. Last weekend we left the kids with a sitter and told Henry that he was in charge of making lunch for everyone and he did a great job! He really loves food. He just lost one of his front teeth. It had been dangling in his mouth for quite sometime. It finally fell out when he was playing outside. He tried to tell the tooth fairy that it got "knocked out" when he was playing outside so he could get $2 instead of $1 (remembering what happened to William a couple years ago). We told him that wasn't going to work, but nice try!