Happy Birthday, H!

I cannot believe that Henry is 6 years old! For his birthday cake, he made a neat Minecraft Lego scene and wanted some torch candles on the sides of the cake. He was really excited to receive a cool pirate card and a Minecraft Lego set. He loves all things Lego and is very talented with them.

We had a great Minion themed  water birthday party on the day of his birthday with lots of his friends. We had a water balloon fight, slip and slide, pinata, and lots of fun food. They ate pizza, bananas with minions on them, and Minion Twinkies for dessert.

Henry still loves to do crafts and make things for other people. He is learning a lot about cooking. He can cook tortillas, Easy mac, oatmeal, Bagel bites, Tacquitos, and a few other things all by himself. He loves to be in the kitchen! He has been struggling with behavior quite a bit for the past few years. He is currently in a program that we are hoping will help him and the rest of the family. Nathan and I feel like we are constantly trying different methods to help him express himself in a better, more appropriate way. Hopefully, something will help at some point. Henry has so many good qualities and we love him very much!