Disney Fun!!

While Nathan was on his school trip, we got the funnest package from Aunt Kristen!! I had mentioned to Kristen that I wanted to take the children to Disneyland while Nathan was gone. Since we couldn't logistically do that, she sent Disney to us!! She created several different activities in the themes of Disneyland rides.

We  went on a treasure hunt dressed as pirates. We found gold coins, Rolos, and Pirate Booty. We had a Disney movie night and the boys enjoyed their "treasure" treats during the movie.
We played Finding Nemo in the bathtub with Nemo fishes, washcloths, and toy submarines.

We had an amazing electric parade! We had light up Mickey balloons, glow sticks, and Mickey photo props as we danced to Disney music. William and Henry made some really cool creations with the glow sticks.

We had a Mickey themed meal with Mickey pancakes and fun decorations. We also colored Cars coloring pages and made toy airplanes, and played a matching game. It was SO FUN!!! We all loved every minute of it. We stretched the fun over a few days


Joan said…
How fun is that...and how nice of Kristen to gift you with such an amazing day. If you can't go to Disneyland, let Disneyland come to you. Terrific idea!