First Haircut

I know it seems hard to believe, but William got his first haircut a few days ago. He was starting to get some fly aways over his ear that we trimmed up.
His hair is so light that I had to put a dark background under it so it would show up in the picture!
The After Shot
What handsome boys!!


Amber said…
Hahaha. Congrats to long-haired William. If Megan was a boy, she'd probably need a haircut soon. But instead, we get to watch those annoying and crazy flyaways get a teeny-teeny bit longer every day. I predict she won't hit this milestone until like 4 years old (I don't think I'll have the heart to cut it off when it's taken so long to grow!)
Amanda said…
I didn't know he had enough hair for a haircut! haha